Over the past few years, “omnichannel” has become the big buzzword in the marketing world. As consumers become more diverse in their use of technology, it’s essential that businesses keep up and utilize as many platforms as possible to communicate. From email to online chat to social media, managing omnichannel platforms takes time and effort. To be successful, it’s critical to have a team dedicated to omnichannel support. This team can provide your customers with high-quality responses in a timely manner. Depending on the size of your company, it might be difficult to dedicate a whole team of employees to run all your platforms. Also, hiring new employees can be expensive. Fortunately, outsourcing agents to manage these platforms is a great option that can help your business grow. Take some time to learn more about omnichannel platforms and outsourcing responsibilities to agents outside your company.

Save Money

First and foremost, companies who outsource their support agents often see savings in the long run. In order to keep up with the significant workload of managing various platforms, companies typically hire new employees. Additionally, some companies opt to pay their current staff overtime to do these tasks. Instead of hiring a social media communicator, a person to respond to your emails, and someone else to answer calls, outsource all of this to external agents. At Millennial Services, we provide agents to manage all of your omnichannel platforms. We consolidate the management of your platforms and provide you with detailed customer support data. This data allows you to see how our services are benefiting your customers and bottom line. 

Free Up Your Employees from Managing Omnichannel Platforms  

In today’s job market, it seems like every business is hiring! Many companies are currently short-staffed. Instead of hiring new people to manage omnichannel platforms, companies are often looking within to see if they can handle the responsibilities internally. As a result, employees are getting more put on their plate. Instead of overloading your employees with work, why not outsource omnichannel support agents? Outsourcing allows your staff to be free to focus on bigger-picture ideas. Imagine how much more time an employee would have if they didn’t have to stop their work every 5 minutes to respond to a customer on your website’s online chat. It makes sense to move these responsibilities to external agents to improve your employee’s work-life balance and improve the experience of the customers. 

Utilize Consistent Best Omnichannel Practices 

By outsourcing agents, your company will be updated on the latest in omnichannel services. Whether that’s implementing a new platform or ideas about improving current communication services, your outsourced agents know what is best. Instead of doing this market research on your own, let a company like Millennial Services guide you through the process. Also, consider the external agents as an extension of your marketing team. They will always be up to date about providing the best experience for your customers. 

Offer the Best Customer Service Possible Through Omnichannel Platforms 

Really, it all comes down to customer service. Whether you are a retailer or an insurance company, it’s all about making the customer happy. One way to keep your customers coming back is by providing them with high-quality, timely support. If a customer contacts you, they should be responded to ASAP. Also, consumers should also receive a solution that makes them happy. Remember, the customer is always right! By outsourcing your omnichannel communication services, your customers will receive top-notch support no matter which platform they contact you on. 

According to ZenDesk, a popular online chat platform, 74% of customers feel loyal to a particular brand or company. There’s a good chance that a lot of your current customers feel loyal to you! Keep them coming back and happy by providing them with consistent, first-class customer service.

Positive Return on Investment

Many companies who outsource omnichannel support agents end up seeing a positive return on their investment. By increasing customer retention rates and decreasing customer churn, you can see sales and profit increase. Just like any new marketing venture, give it time to take effect. Additionally, Millennial Services will provide your company with detailed data. This data allows you see how our services are helping your business succeed.  

Some business owners cringe at the idea of outsourcing agents to communicate with customers. As demonstrated above, outsourcing agents is one of the best ways to improve the customer service experience across a wide range of omnichannel platforms. In the long run, outsourcing agents will save your company money, improve customer retention rates, and can even positively affect your bottom line. At Millennial Service, we provide agents to communicate with your customers on any platform, including email, live chat, phone, social media, and more! Additionally, our agents will learn every detail possible about your business so that the agents are an extension of your employee base. Therefore, we pride ourselves in giving your customers “white-glove” treatment whenever they contact us. In addition, we have worked with companies in many different industries, including healthcare, hospitality, insurance, eCommerce, and more!

Our industry-specific knowledge is demonstrated in how we uniquely interact with different customers on various platforms. For more information about omnichannel platforms and outsourcing agents, contact Millennial Services today.