Inbound call centers are a small business’ best friend. Agents at inbound call centers provide high levels of customer service by answering incoming phone calls from customers. These outsourced agents are a cost-efficient way for companies to respond to inquiries promptly. Being an exceptional agent at an inbound call center requires training and practice. Here are five things every inbound call center agent should know when beginning a new job.

Inbound Call Centers Require Flexible Working Hours

One of the key benefits of an inbound call center is the ability to provide support 24/7. As an inbound call agent, be prepared to work a variety of shifts and hours. This scheduling flexibility is great when you prefer atypical working hours. However, 24/7 support also means that there may be times of low volume inquiries. During these hours, you need to remain diligent and prepared for any incoming customer calls. Being flexible with your schedule is the best way to stay positive during work hours.

Be Prepared to Handle High Volumes in Peak Seasonal Times

The holiday season is peak timing for online shopping. Starting in November, holiday shoppers begin purchasing gifts for their family and friends. Because of this spike in buying activity, customer inquiries (and complaints) also increase. Before starting work at an inbound call center, prepare yourself for this influx of holiday calls.

Treat Every Customer Call as a New Situation

Working in a call center is occasionally monotonous, and many customer inquiries and complaints begin to feel identical. However, treating every new call as a unique situation is critical. Every circumstance for a call involves new people, new emotions, and new personalities. To provide excellent customer service on each call, keep in mind that every person is different, and empathize with each new customer. This process also allows you to personalize each solution and tailor the experience to the customer.

Documentation is Key to Inbound Call Center Success

While customization is essential to providing excellent customer service, there are often many recurring customer issues. Each situation is slightly different, but the core problem is the same. Documentation of each case is beneficial when issues become repetitive. As you receive calls for similar pain points, document the number of problems and their resolution. If you receive calls for the same inquiry repeatedly, report these cases to your product management team. Your documentation helps development teams diagnose the issue and provide a speedy resolution. 

Provide Solutions for the Customer, Not Your Convenience

Working in an inbound call center requires attention to detail and diligence. Over time, feelings of annoyance and frustration as a customer service representative often occur. When this happens, remind yourself that the customer’s satisfaction is the priority. Taking the time to ensure customer happiness decreases the likelihood of a customer calling again with the same issue. Have empathy for each new call and provide the best solution for the customer, rather than the easy one.

Learn More About Outsourcing Customer Service

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