If you use an outbound call center, you need a strong call center representative script. Your representatives should have a framework to refer to while making calls to potential clients. These are the most important things to include on your outbound call script.

A Clear Description

At the very beginning of the call, your representative must clearly and concisely state why they are calling and what your company is about. It must tell the prospective customer which problems they can solve if they buy in. You only have a few seconds to capture the listener’s attention, and they need to have a clear description right off the bat.

For example, if you sell a product like tax software, the representative should say something along the lines of, “This is Sheila with 123 Tax Software, and we offer the best software to securely streamline your tax business so that you can grow your business.” This type of description hits on the prospect’s current needs and shows potential for progress.

A Quality Question

Once your representative has made a clear description, he or she can say, “Does this sound like a product that could help you?” or “Is this a service that can boost your company’s growth this year?” You need to help the prospect stop and consider. It’s fine to let a few seconds of silence pass after asking the question so the prospect can weigh his or her decisions.

Interest in the Customer

Your representative needs to establish a rapport with the prospect if he or she indicates the slightest interest. You can build friendly questions into your script. These questions can include local details that demonstrate a personal interest rather than the impersonal feeling that comes with most cold calls. Customize your questions to exhibit a warm interest, and your return on investment will improve with each outbound call.

Active Listening

If the prospect shows definite interest, your representative needs to exhibit active listening skills. Your representative can say, “Tell me more about your situation.” Be sure to train your representatives to take notes during the call. The more detail, the better. Your representative should offer a follow-up call or visit within 24 to 48 hours to capitalize on the prospect’s active interest.

Writing Your Script

With a quality script, you will help your prospective customer know whether your product or service is right for them. A script gives your representative the most important information for every single call. This is also essential for maximizing the efficiency of your outbound call center. Call Millennial Services at 773-770-4818 for more information about setting up quality outbound call scripts.