Focusing your marketing and support strategies on omnichannel services is one of the best ways your business can grow. In our digital age, customers expect prompt support through a variety of different platforms. These platforms include phone, email, text messaging, online chat, social media, and more! Call center services are one of the original forms of customer support, and they are still critical to the growth of your business. By having a dedicated call center, you can reach new customers and increase the retention rate of current customers. And you can provide anyone who calls with immediate, high-quality support. Adding a call center to your omnichannel support plan is a must! 

New Customer Outreach

One of the best ways a call center can help grow your business is by facilitating new customer leads. Through market research and specific targeting, you can create a list of people you think could benefit from your goods or services. Contact these people via the call center to let them know about your business. As you implement this strategy, consider providing a coupon to these new leads to incentivize them and encourage them to do business with you. Be sure to keep track of the conversion rate of these calls to measure success. In addition, try to get the new customer’s email address while you are on the phone with them. Obtaining their email address allows you to market to them in the future via informational and promotional emails. 

Increased Customer Retention Rate 

According to Small Biz Genius, 65% of a company’s business comes from its existing customers. This number shows why it is important to focus a lot of your marketing efforts on your existing customer base. A high customer retention rate can help your business grow exponentially in the future. One way to keep current customers engaged is by reaching out to them through your call center. An easy way to do this is to check in via phone call a week or two after they have purchased from you. Call to see how they like the product they bought or if they were happy with the services your company provided.

Your customers will appreciate the personalized phone call. It gives them a chance to feel heard and provide essential feedback that can help your business improve. Often, customers feel like a number as opposed to a name. By giving them a call, you personalize the experience and make your company stand out amongst your competitors. 

Immediate Help with Call Center Services

A call center also provides customers with immediate help. The call center should be staffed 24/7/365 to answer calls as they come in. Wait time should be reduced as much as possible. Most customers aren’t happy with being placed on hold for more than a minute or two. Customers should feel like they can dial your number and promptly receive the help they need. 

Omnichannel Support 

“Omnichannel” is a fancy marketing word that basically means advertising and support provided on various channels. The best way for businesses to provide exceptional customer support is to have different platforms where customers can interact with you and your team. These platforms should include a call center, email, social media, text messaging, online chat, etc. The more platforms, the better. A plethora of platforms allow customers to request help in a communication manner that feels best to them. For example, a young Gen Z customer might avoid a phone call and receive support via your online chat, while an older Baby Boomer customer might prefer talking to someone over the phone. Each customer has personal preferences, which is why it’s best to implement an omnichannel support strategy to meet everyone’s needs. 

Outsourced Call Center Services 

Omnichannel support can sound overwhelming, especially if your business is on the smaller side. You might be wondering where you will get the staff and money to support such a support operation. Don’t worry – all omnichannel support can be outsourced to a company like Millennial Services.

At Millennial Services, we take the work of support off your hands by staffing your call center, running your online chat, responding to customers on social media, and more! Our agents learn all about your business so they can provide the absolute best support to your customers. In fact, your customers won’t even realize that they are speaking with an outsourced agent as opposed to a company employee. We can also staff your support lines 24/7, meaning your customers get instant support anytime, day or night. Overall, we take the pressure off you to find the staff, time, and resources to dedicate to omnichannel support. 

Outsourced Call Center Agents at Millennial Services

Operating a call center as well as other omnichannel platforms is one of the best ways to grow your business. A call center allows you to find new customer leads and also reach out to existing customers to increase retention rates. Ideally, call center services should be open 24/7 to help customers with their needs at any time. It should also be adequately staffed so that customers experience prompt help with a minimal wait time. Finally, keep in mind that a call center is just one piece of your constantly evolving omnichannel strategy. Providing your customers with many different platforms for support is the best way to keep your customers engaged and coming back.

Don’t let omnichannel services cause anxiety! At Millennial Services, we take the work off your plate by providing experienced agents to run your call center and other omnichannel platforms. For more information about outsourcing your call center and other customer support platforms, contact Millennial Services today.