In recent years, the US has seen an increase in jobs outsourced to overseas call centers. As a result, the companies that provide in-country customer service are finding themselves disproportionately out of work. To turn this decline around, call centers must work hard to keep centers based in the US.

The Decline of US-based Call Centers

According to federal officials, between 2006 and 2014, US call centers lost more than 200,000 jobs. Many of these jobs were lost because companies outsourced their operations to countries such as India and Central America. Such businesses claimed they were able to save money by paying a lower minimum wage. Moreover, in these other countries, unemployed individuals were willing to work for low wages and no benefits. Corporations such as Hewlett Packard, Convergys, and AT&T were among those who transferred their call centers overseas. Dallas News reports that AT&T alone has transferred more than 12,000 customer service jobs overseas.

Customer Reactions

In many ways, this search for inexpensive overseas labor has backfired on companies. Customers were dissatisfied with the services and have complained. Patrons have expressed that when they call a customer service line, they wish to speak with someone who can listen, understand, and clearly articulate a solution. This becomes difficult when the call center representative does not speak English as their native language.

Recently, customers have made more and more frequent complaints about overseas call centers being inadequate. Not only have customers complained directly to companies, but they have also posted public criticism on social media.

Call Center Comeback

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has decided that enough is enough. He and several other Midwestern senators are fighting to keep call center jobs in the US. Senator Brown has introduced a bill that would make companies give callers the option to request to speak with a native speaker in the United States. He feels this will help keep jobs in America and give customers the quality call center service they want.

Senator Brown is not alone in his thinking. Call centers are slowly coming back to US soils, much to the delight of consumers. For instance, many upstart call centers only hire American workers. With advancements in technology and increased efficiency, the cost differential between operating out of the US and operating overseas is no longer as large as it once was. This is allowing companies to bring their centers back to the US.

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