Millennial Services call center service provider is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the contract to handle customer service for the Chicago Sun-Times, a recognized leader in the press industry for over 100 years. Millennial Services offers dedicated inbound call center solutions that employ US citizens. Their dedication to providing the highest-quality contact center on the market and their location in Chicago made Millennial Services the perfect choice for this partnership.

As part of the Chicago Sun-Times team, Millennial Services will be taking calls from subscribers seven days a week. They will be on the job from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM on weekdays, 6:30 to 11:00 AM on Saturdays, and 6:30 AM to 12:00 PM on Sundays. At peak hours, they’ll have between 8 and 12 agents working to take calls. Subscribers will be able to get help if their paper did not arrive or was not in the proper location, if they need to place a vacation hold on their paper delivery, or if they have any other problems with their subscription.

To show their commitment to this partnership, members from the Millennial Services inbound call center solutions team spent three days on site training with the Chicago Sun-Times. This joint training ensures that the company is able to develop and implement the best call center services possible. Millennial Services is dedicated to always going the extra mile to provide the best customer service.

Millennial Services is a comprehensive call center service provider. The company offers inbound and outbound call services as well as live chat. Additionally, they offer email and form support. Whereas many other call centers outsource to foreign countries to save money, Millennial Services is very proud to say that they hire only US citizens. For customers, that means native English speakers are waiting to assist them. In addition, Millennial Services is a fully managed system. They maintain the infrastructure for the phone team, recruit and train customer service representatives, and manage them through rigorous quality assurance per their standard service. In this way, they maintain high expectations for their management and employees.

Millennial Services goes above and beyond for quality service to meet clients’ needs. For the Chicago Sun-Times, the company has developed a precise Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. When a Sun client calls the newspaper, the phone announces the caller’s position in the queue (if there is a queue) and plays music while they are on hold. In contrast to many customer service IVRs which leave callers on hold for an unlimited time, after four minutes of hold time Millennial Services callers receive a breakout option to leave a voicemail or receive a callback. In the meantime, agents are constantly working the email inbox and voicemails to keep response times lightning fast.

The Chicago Sun-Times is also benefiting from Millennial Services’ aforementioned highly-rated quality assurance program. The company wants to assure the highest levels of quality assurance. For this reason, they personalize testing procedures to meet the needs of the individual company. This means higher standards and great customer retention.

Millennial Services believes that customer service is the core of every business. Customer service representatives are the brand ambassadors who present a company’s image to customers. The communication between the company and the customer is critical for success. Millennial Services promises to continue providing the highest-quality customer service in their current and future partnerships.