What’s the difference between in-house representatives for your call center and an outbound call service? Depending on your needs, one of these options may be better than the other. We’ll weigh the pros and cons of both to help you decide what’s best for your company.

In-House Representatives

When you have representatives that work in your brick-and-mortar building, you can experience several benefits. First, you have direct access to these people. If you want to listen firsthand to their calls, you are right there to observe.

You can also tweak their training as much as you like with regular review meetings. Another advantage can be that the people who answer the phone are the same people who are in your office, which can build trust with your customers. An in-house representative can offer a personal touch for your business.

However, this traditional model has a few downsides. First, you will likely pay more for an in-house representative in hourly wages, taxes, and possibly benefits. You will need an appropriate desk setup and up-to-date equipment. These requirements can cost significantly more over an outbound service.

Another problem is that your in-house representatives are limited to a single location. If you want to expand your business, this can become a problem. It’s also less convenient to use in-house representatives for round-the-clock customer service. You may be challenged to find quality workers for overnight shifts.

Outbound Call Service

Depending on your business needs, an in-house representative may be the best solution. But it’s wise to consider if an outbound call center can serve your needs more efficiently. You may be surprised to learn that an outbound solution fits your business model even better. Outbound call centers are affordable solutions that make sense for many businesses. They can lift a burden off your in-house work force and help you cut overhead expenses.

Representatives from call centers are already trained. And they’re singularly focused on the calls instead of multitasking, like many in-house representatives must do. The best call centers will be able to handle all your calls with professionalism and knowledge. They will help sort calls to the right individuals within your company and address any customer service issues with tact. Their responsiveness can help improve your company’s image.

The challenge in finding the right call center is looking at the quality they offer. Don’t choose a call center just because it offers a lower price than others. What you save in dollars could cost you in quality, which can hurt your business. Look for a company that will work with you to provide call center services with a personal touch.

To learn more about whether an outbound call center is right for you, contact Millennial Services today. We can help you decide which option is best for your company. If you want to pursue an outbound solution, we will offer you a variety of choices.