Online chat options are one great way to answer your customer’s questions quickly and efficiently. With chat, your customer service team can respond in real-time to customer inquiries. Chat support options also create a better customer experience and help increase customer loyalty. In addition, your customers benefit from increased agent availability and customized conversations. Let’s explore the key features of the best chat support providers for your website.

Scale Your Customer Support Function

Online chat support features allow you one more touchpoint with your customer. Chat support is a quick response solution for customer problems and pain points. The decrease in time to a resolution also enables you to scale your customer support overall. Additionally, outsourced agents also help scale the size of your team and allow your full-time staff time to focus on other projects. With more bandwidth, documentation of issues also becomes more manageable, and eventually, your team can eliminate those issues.

Personalized Online Chat Experience

While chatbots are helpful tools, there is nothing quite like a personalized conversation with a real customer service agent. Online chat support allows your customer service representative time to focus on one customer at a time. The agent digs into the customer’s issue and helps provide a resolution quickly. Because of this, your customers also feel their problems are heard and appreciated. When customers feel understood, customer retention increases. In addition, satisfaction increases. Personalization gives your customer a more positive experience and builds brand loyalty for you.

1-on-1 Customer Support Interactions

With online chat support, one agent works with the customer at a time. Stop passing your customer around between support agents via email. Chat is your 1-on-1 customer support option. Chat options are great for eCommerce shops as well.

Additionally, chat agents also provide guidance when your customer has a question about a product or checkout procedure. This assistance increases your eCommerce conversion rate as your customer feels more confident in their purchase. Your customer service agent will be attentive to your customer’s needs, improving the experience for all. Provide a better customer experience and resolve issues quickly with chat support. 

24/7 Online Chat Availability

Increase your hours of operation and decrease time to first response for your customers with online chat support. By expanding hours, you no longer have to worry about high ticket volume when you arrive in the morning. Plus, outsourced customer service agents allow you to provide excellent customer service around the clock. This availability is especially critical for eCommerce businesses, and even more so during the holiday season. 

Outsourced Online Chat Support from Millennial Services

Are you considering setting up online chat services for your business? Launch this feature and expand your team with outsourced customer service agents from Millennial Services. Our highly trained teams provide personalized chat support 24/7. Agents engage in one-on-one interactions, similar to telephone support. Use outsourced agents to offer a better customer experience and increase customer retention. Contact Millennial Services today to discuss your online chat support needs!