Any customer-facing industry must deal with customer issues and complaints. It’s an inevitable part of doing business. If handled correctly, customer complaints don’t have to be blown out of proportion; they can even be spun to portray your company in a positive light. Most customers will appreciate you dealing with their complaints quickly and professionally while providing them a viable solution. Whether you own a retail clothing store, sell car insurance, or manage a hotel, you are going to come across unhappy customers. Through solutions-based omnichannel support, you can help turn an unhappy customer into a happy one! 

The Customer is Always Right

When dealing with unhappy customers, the best mantra to remember is: “The customer is always right.” This statement can be a tough pill to swallow. Anyone who works with customers knows that sometimes they can be completely unreasonable and wrong. While you might think or know that your customer is wrong, you cannot share these feelings with them. From the beginning, let them know that you are here to understand their complaint and that you are genuinely sorry. Never argue with the customer! That will only make things worse. 

As a company manager or owner, it’s essential that you create a company culture of supporting the customer no matter what. From the CEO down to every brand-new employee, each staff member should do their best to make complaining customers feel heard and understood. 

Solutions-Based Help

Beyond simply recognizing that your customer has an issue, you next must provide them with solutions-based help. It is not enough to say you are sorry and then move on. Your customer complained for a reason and needs their problem solved. As a company, do whatever is in your power to provide solutions in a timely and professional manner. Every customer complaint should be responded to within 24 hours – and sooner if possible. 

Make it your goal to go above and beyond when providing support to customers with complaints. Nordstrom is a company that truly practices the idea of above and beyond customer service. Nordstrom is pretty much willing to take back any item worn or unworn with no time limit. Bought boots a year ago and they are giving you blisters? Nordstrom will most likely take them back. Purchased a jacket and forgot about it for three years at the back of your closet? Nordstrom will most likely take it back! We aren’t saying you have to implement the same return policy, but the idea is that they provide solutions-based help no matter the situation, even if they believe the customer is wrong. 

Omnichannel Support

Another way to keep complaining customers happy is by providing omnichannel support. “Omnichannel” is a buzzword in the marketing world, but what does it truly mean? Omnichannel means reaching out to and providing support to customers across a variety of platforms. These platforms include phone, email, live chat, social media, and more! 

An omnichannel strategy provides your customers with multiple options when trying to contact your company. There is nothing worse than a customer with a complaint who can’t figure out how to contact a company to make that complaint. 

Outsourced Help

Depending on the size of your business, responding to customer complaints can seem like a big task. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and hiring a bunch of new customer service reps, consider outsourcing help. Millennial Services is an omnichannel support services company that provides outsourced help to companies across a wide range of industries. From retail to insurance to healthcare to subscription services, we do it all! On day one, we sit down with key figures at your company to discuss your business. We want to know everything there is to know about your company, including the day-to-day operational tasks and your big long-term goals. 

Next, our agents will be trained to understand how your business works and what they should be telling the customers they interact with. The agents will understand in detail things like your return policy or what options they can give to an angry customer. When someone calls, emails, live chats, or messages you on social media, our agents will be available 24/7 to respond. Each agent has a solutions-based attitude when helping your customers. Support from Millennial Services is scalable. Scalable support means we can help you more during busy times (i.e., holidays, summer) and can scale back when business is slower.

Omnichannel Support Leads to Happy Customers! 

Every business faces customer complaints. It’s just part of the job when dealing with customers. That being said, how you handle these complaints says a lot about your overall quality of customer service. Start by always acknowledging that the customer is always right. Never doubt them and never argue with them. Next, find a solution to their problem that makes them happy. Whether it’s doing an exchange, providing a refund, or sending them a link via email, take the time to figure out what they need. By creating omnichannel support platforms, companies can ensure that their customers can contact them in a way they choose, whether it’s a physical phone call or a quick note over live chat. Finally, don’t let customer service put a strain on your employees. Consider outsourcing customer service by using outside agents. For more information about outsourcing customer support agents and how it can help your company, contact Millennial Services today.