In today’s crowded marketplace businesses have to stand out to survive. Businesses need to view the call center as an opportunity to market your brand, instead of a necessary evil. By doing so you allow your customer support agents to create customer loyalty. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to seize upon this opportunity. This missed opportunity causes customers to feel unheard, unwanted, and uninterested in future purchases. These common problems often contribute to customer frustration.

1.  Long wait times

A common complaint that customer service agents receive concerns wait times. In the customer’s eyes, they have a life to live. No one wants to spend an hour on hold. Answering the phone within two rings starts the conversation off on the right foot. If you are expecting a high volume of calls, outsourcing customer support to an independent agency may be the best solution.

2. The Transfer Wheel of Doom

Transferring the call to another department may seem necessary, but to the customer, it only adds to the frustration. The most ideal situation is one in which only one agent touches the call. Resolving customer frustration through one agent reduces the effort the customer has to expend to get their problem solved. By giving the customer support agents the ability to resolve more complex issues, the customer spends less time on the phone.

3.  A lack of interest

The number one customer complaint is that agents don’t seem to care. Taking an active approach to resolving issues can significantly help. There is one thing that all customer support agents can do to receive better results immediately. Smiling while answering the phone activates muscles that change the way your voice sounds. This makes your voice sound more friendly and engaged to the customer.

4. The product doesn’t meet expectations

Unsatisfied customers are not voices the preferred voices for business to hear. It is inevitable that at some point there will be an issue that arises. There are many techniques that can be utilized to solve problems, and BLAST is one of them. BLAST stands for Believe, Listen, Apologize, Satisfy, and Thank. By giving the customer the benefit of the doubt you allow them to have the space to express their frustration. Actively listening to the customer allows the customer support agent to get to the root of the problem. Finally, once the problem has been identified, apologize to the customer, and ask them what can be done to make it better. Once a resolution has been reached, thank the customer so that they feel appreciated.

5. The product was cheaper online

The world of competition between businesses, customers are finding deals faster than ever. If a customer finds a better deal, the immediate response should be to match it. Furthermore, by tracking these calls, you are able to get a better gauge of the market and can shift your marketing efforts accordingly.

At the end of the day, businesses that focus on improving their customer support center receive better responses from their customers. Outsourcing your customer support to a reputable center frees up resources. In conclusion, this also allows professional customer service agents to work with your customers and help them with their needs. Millennial Services provides high-quality customer support. Request your free quote by calling (773) 770-4818 and see what Millennial Services can do to help you.