Millennial Services is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Bend HSA, located in Boston, MA for inbound customer service. Bend is funded by .406 Ventures and provides industry leading technology to help HSA account holders easily track and manage HSA qualified expenses and investments. Bend allows users to track expenses, instantly reimburse, and change contribution rates in one simple platform.

Millennial Services offers dedicated inbound call center solutions that employ strictly domestic resources. Millennial will be handling the inbound customer service for users of the Bend HSA Platform.

As a partner for Bend, Millennial Services will be providing support 5 days per week. Millennial will be cross training its team and servicing a wide variety of questions around the bend platform and its usability.

Millennial worked with Bend extensively to train on the platform, in which the inbound call center implementation team and the quality assurance team reviewed policy, procedure, and systems required to service Bend Customers. Being a newer product, our service team is also equipped to interface with engineering to continuously improve the Bend HSA Platform based on customer feedback. Millennial uses a train the trainer approach. After initial training, Millennial built its own set of online trainings and knowledgebase materials as a part of the managed service offering.

Millennial Services is a comprehensive call center service provider. The company offers inbound and outbound contact center services. Our virtual model means low overhead and the highest quality customer service solution on the open market. In addition, Millennial Services is a fully managed system. We maintain our own infrastructure, recruit and train customer service representatives, and manage them through rigorous quality assurance standards.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please submit a web form or call us at 773-770-4818