Go Beyond Support Outsourcing

Millennial Services offers a comprehensive contact center solution which includes email and form support, outbound call center & inbound call center service, and live chat. We also offer quality assurance, lead generation, and back-office processing services. We pride ourselves on being able to offer these services without lengthy agreements or complex terms. This makes our service offering an exceptional fit for fast growing companies that require scalability (up or down) or customers who are subject to intense seasonality.

Inbound Contact Center

Whether it’s email and form support, 24/7 live chat, inbound phone services, or another virtual service, our contact center is your one-stop-shop for customer service.

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Quality Assurance

Millennial Services provides quality assurance testing across product or service offerings which demand relentless attention to detail.

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Outbound Call Center Serivces

Quickly weed through unqualified leads, transform cold engagements into warm prospects, and super-charge your client retention efforts.

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Back Office Processing

With our Back-Office Processing services, we’ll approximate your needs and find highly-qualified candidates to complete the work offsite.

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Superior Support can still cost less

Customer support is no longer a fringe service. The way that your company interacts with clients at this intimate point of engagement can make the difference between a one-off purchase and lifetime customer loyalty. For this reason, Millennial Services provides a customer service solution that’s friendly, cost-effective, and close to home. Whether you’re looking to deploy a full-scale call center service, or engage us for a single solution like live chat support, Millennial is proud to partner with you and will work hard to earn your business.

Comprehensive Outbound Call Center Support Solutions

With great products and services, customers demand a responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient customer service experience. Millennial Services goes beyond typical call center service and responding to emails. We see ourselves as brand ambassadors for your company – we take your mission and culture just as seriously as your bottom-line. With an efficient and time-tested customer service operation, Millennial Service’s on-shore customer care solution won’t break your bank.

In fact, we always meet your desired budget through our piece-rate transaction pricing, often beating expectations and leaving clients wondering why their other outbound call center vendors don’t bill the same we do. Learn how Millennial Services can enhance your customer support quality while simultaneously reducing expensive operating costs associated with call centers. We deliver the solutions that drive your business and your bottom-line forward.

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American Workforce

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Our Mission

Founded in 2009, our mission is to offer reliable and cost-effective outsourcing solutions. This mission is challenging since US labor costs are higher than ever and the temptation to offshore customer service operations remains strong. To solve this dilemma, Millennial Services brings its clients a US-based workforce without the expensive costs of physical call center service. We’re a remote workforce located in cities across the US.

US-Based Agents

Working with US-based agents allows your customers to get the support they’ve come to expect without the excessive cost of do-overs.


As always, our solutions will minimize costs while maximizing performance. That’s our commitment to you.


Customer Support packages have no long-term commitments and can help to create a lifetime of return from dedicated customers.


Millennial Services is proud to provide comprehensive services that are ramped up or down, according to the exact needs of your company.

Our Call Center Service Model

Our customer support model uses strictly US agents that are trained specifically around the policies and best practices of your company. By working with a highly-skilled and flexible US workforce without expensive outbound call center real estate, we’re able to maximize the performance and precision of our agents, while minimizing overall costs. We pride ourselves on being like a dial – we scale our services up and down, in real time, to meet the changing demands on your business. Because we charge per transaction for most services, clients always pay for exactly what they get. We also strive to meet and exceed client-mandated quality assurance standards for the work we do.

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Millennial Client Roster

Millennial Services started with a handful of agents. Today we manage several large contracts and many small projects, providing flexible work schedules to over 100 remote agents. We’re proud to have partnered with Angie’s List first, having fulfilled a demonstrated need for US-based customer support without the expenses of hiring full-time employees.

Like our roster of clients, we’ll equip your business with the right talent: agents who are the best match for all your customer care and call center service needs. We combine cutting-edge recruiting technology, learning algorithms, knowledge management, and best-in-class customer service to satisfy our clients across all channels of customer support.

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Dial-in Your Customer Support

Save money and win more business with our scalable customer support solutions

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