Call centers do much more than simply provide someone to answer the phone. Call centers provide a wide variety of inbound and outbound services, and these services are customizable so that the company can get the best ROI. Here are just a few of the call center services options for different business needs.

Inbound Services

When most people hear the term call center, they think inbound services. Inbound services encompass everything the call center does that involves receiving calls. Here are a few examples:

Customer Service

This is the most basic call center service. Customer service representatives take customers’ calls and help them with any issues or inquiries they might have. This may involve solutions such as answering questions, providing technical support, receiving complaints, or directing customers to a different department.

Inbound Sales

Many call centers also provide services for making inbound sales. Although online shopping is becoming more and more prevalent, there are still plenty of people who make purchases over the phone. By partnering with a call center that provides inbound sale services, you can reach a market that you may have missed out on with internet-only options.

Outbound Services

Outbound call center services can be a key factor in boosting revenue for your business. They are often responsible for bringing in potential customers and converting leads to sales. Here are some outbound call center services that could help your business.

Reach Potential Customers

One of the keys to outbound call center services is making sure to call the people who are likely to become customers. At Millennial Services, we create a profile of your ideal customer and use the latest in marketing automation to find promising leads. This strategy makes our services efficient and effective, and gives you the best ROI.

Convert Leads to Sales More Efficiently

An outbound call center can handle your top-of-funnel sales conversations in order to free up time for your sales team to handle other tasks. Call center representatives mine for leads and make initial contacts. Then your seasoned sales representatives are available to talk to customers who are interested in the product and ready to take the next step. This boosts your efficiency and brings you more sales.

Retain Customers

Though much of an outbound call center’s duties are related to bringing in new customers, it’s just as important to maintain a connection with your current customers. A call center can contact customers to offer new products or services. They can also conduct surveys on customer satisfaction or verify information in order to update your customer database.

Millennial Call Center

If you are looking for a call center that can tailor to your company’s needs, check out Millennial Services. We customize our services to meet your needs and offer our employees specific training so that they are successful at your desired tasks. We also offer a quality assurance program to help us measure if we meet your expectations. Contact us today to get your free quote!