Email & Form Support

Email Support Outsourcing with Real-Time Adaptation

Whether it’s on peak holidays or 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Millennial Services is proud to provide comprehensive email support outsourcing and form response services that are ramped up or down, according to the exact needs of your company.

Our proprietary ticketing and queue system allows for rapid response times, without the burden of a top-heavy staff that creates a drain on your budget.

This level of real-time adaptation allows us to allocate our agents only when you need them most.

Scale your support

With email support being an important and intuitive customer service channel, Millennial Services brings its clients a new standard of cost-effectiveness with its scalable staffing model. Your customers get the high-quality support they expect, without excessive cost, regardless of the volume of queries that come in.

We’ll even go a step further. We’re constantly analyzing volume and throughput for our clients. If we see spikes or dips in volumes outside of the norm, we’ll help you make a decision to add more email and form support resources as needed. You always pay per email transaction, so you never have to worry about under-utilized resources.

Access to 24/7 Support

24/7 email and form support or only for dedicated hours, ramp your service up or down accordingly. We’re adept at accommodating highs and lows of support volume throughout the course of a typical business day.

Beyond normal daily operations, we also help you quickly and seamlessly adjust for seasonal highs and lows, as well as unexpected spikes in volume. Regardless of transnational volume, Millennial Services ensures that your email support channel is ever-present for your deserving customer-base and BPO services needs (business process outsourcing).

High-Quality Email Support Outsourcing

Connect your customers with the high-quality support they expect. As a BPO service provider, we consistently meet or exceed client-imposed quality assurance standards. During the onboarding phase, Millennial Services will work with clients to determine acceptable quality assurance standards – we then agree to meeting and exceeding these standards.

Quality assurance is typically a joint effort between Millennial Services and its clients, but Millennial takes the lead by dedicating a QA resource to client projects which require consistent monitoring. Further, we encourage clients to devote their own resources to measure our capabilities if they desire. We take your quality standards seriously and believe our email and form support clients are the best judges of our work.

Engage Your Customer

Millennial Services does the legwork by training agents to gain a natural proclivity toward personalized and insightful responses. This leads to prompt responses on queries and happier customers. More than just being quick to respond, Millennial Services email and form support agents take the time to create a personalized response.

Building a knowledge base of response templates for BPO services is a starting point that helps Millennial Services agents quickly answer customer email correspondence, but we pride ourselves on personalizing every response so client customers receive the attention they deserve.

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Piece-rate Pricing Model for Email & Form Support

With a traditional customer support service or BPO service provider, you’ll pay a fixed fee for a service package regardless of how your needs fluctuate, plus overtime. Millennial Services is instead focused on coupling our high-quality services with the nuanced ebb and flow of your business; adjusting to volume as needed and providing the support that each situation requires as it arises.

Pay per transaction email support pricing also gives you the peace of mind that your support costs are directly attributable to results. Because most projects don’t bill on an hourly basis, productivity is always high.

Email & Form Support

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