Inbound Call Center Solutions

Cost-Effective: Outsourcing Call Centers

As with each of our services, offering cost-effective inbound call center solutions is always a priority. That’s why we’ll adapt to the technology that you’re already using, or help you to implement a new BPO call center system from scratch, based on cost and preference. We’re happy to be partnered with Axia Technology Partners to provide a cutting edge inbound call center solutions technology stack.

Of course, our agents are assigned according to demand, so you’ll never pay for phone support that’s not being directly utilized. The piece rate model (pay per call) for outsourcing call centers support is particularly effective, since clients are “always available” to their customers without having to pay for down time between calls.

US-Based Agents

Rest assured that our agents are native English speakers and expert conversationalists. When one of our agents answers the phone, our client’s customers can expect a highly trained, knowledgeable, and personable phone support representative. We pride ourselves on being your brand ambassadors and take the mission of representing your company seriously.

Having the cultural familiarity of a US agent can mean the difference between a positive and negative customer experience, especially if you have customers calling to complain, voice frustrations, or solve a problem. No matter the circumstances, our agents are poised, professional, and eager to help customers in need.

Phone Support 24/7

Whether you need support 24/7 or during dedicated hours, Millennial Services can scale its outsourcing call centers solution according to your needs, even as they fluctuate. Imagine having the same type of phone support system that large enterprise customers enjoy who can afford expensive and dedicated on-site call centers or business process outsourcing companies.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a growing business, our 24/7 remote phone support model allows you to achieve the a level of service that your customers have come to demand at any time of day.

Engage with Inbound Call Center Solutions

Inbound call center solutions phone support is one of the most accessible support channels who need help quickly and want to talk to “a real person.” By fostering an excellent phone support experience for customers, our clients increase customer retention and personalize interactions with your brand in the process.

Extra Support

Millennial Services inbound call center solutions support provides additional help for high-volume promotions, sales, or holidays. In fact, many of our client relationships begin when we’re asked to help cover periods of intense demand. By using our outsourcing call centers services to supplement existing phone support resources, Millennial Services serves as a key customer support partner.

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Use Strictly US-Based Agents When Outsourcing Call Centers

Our customer support model uses strictly US agents that are trained specifically around the policies and best practices of your company. By working with a highly-skilled and flexible US workforce, we’re able to maximize the performance and precision of our inbound call center solutions agents, while minimizing overall costs as compared with other business process outsourcing companies.

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