Live Chat Support Service

Attentive and Personalized Chat Support Outsourcing

Live chat tickets are managed and attended to utilizing proven, proprietary techniques that maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing the cost it takes to provide a robust range of support that your customers can enjoy. Our live chat support service agents provide attentive support to customers in need of quick answers and friendly service. Through a live chat application placed on your website, customers can get in touch with your company in a familiar and intuitive way. Just like phone support, the biggest advantage of using live chat is that it facilitates one-to-one interactions with customers.

Millennial Services live chat leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and cuts down returns or cancellations from unsatisfied clients. We help you limit revenue loss from existing customers and boost likelihood of sales from new customers. In addition, our live chat agents help enforce your customer service policies and streamline all BPO (business process outsourcing).

One-on-One Interactions

Dedicated, one-on-one interactions with your customers play a vital role in retaining your customer base, understanding their specific needs and offering real-time solutions to critical issues. These interactions provide great insights into what customers think of the product and brand.

You might even be surprised to know that customers divulge a surprising amount of candid feedback via chat – which is more efficiently tracked than feedback over the phone. Our chat support outsourcing agents cheerfully offer customers direct answers to their questions, solutions to their specific issues, and personalized information necessary to complete a sale.

Low-Cost Live Chat Support Service

Millennial Service’s low-cost chat support outsourcing scales according to the demand of your customers. Because we utilize a piece-rate model, we reduce your overall operational costs compared to other BPO companies since you never pay for work that isn’t being done, i.e. idle agents who are paid on an hourly basis instead of a per chat basis. This allows for an enhanced visibility into operational costs and forecasting, making your customer service impact that much more predictable and measurable.

Our live chat support is cloud-based so the cost of implementation as well as operation is kept to a minimum. We’re happy to start with one or a handful of agents during off hours or periods of peak demand, however we can best help handle your support flow while also benefiting your bottom-line.

24/7 Ticket Responses

Whether it’s for dedicated hours or around the clock, enjoy the benefits of a support staff fielding queries and comments at the times you need it most. Our live chat agents can supplement your existing team by only engaging when you have certain peaks, or lows in chat volume. We’re also particularly effective at working with seasonal customers who see increases and decreases in transnational volume throughout certain times of the year.

Unlike other BPO companies, our live chat agents can help you staff these irregular times throughout the year because we don’t require any annual commitments. Like our customers, we keep our team light and nimble so we can react quickly to your changing business needs.

Increase Customer Retention

Increase customer retention by personalizing interactions with your brand. When your customers get the feeling that their time is appreciated and their needs are important to your company, they grow a connection with and fondness for your brand. Thanks to our US-based remote chat agents, personalized interaction is easy and affordable.

Our customer service agents are capable and eager to offer personalized a personalized cross-selling or up-selling experience when the time is just right. Further, we’ve proven ourselves adept at showing customers alternatives to cancellations via live chat. Ultimately, our goal is not just customer retention, but a fully delighted customer who enjoys their experience with your brand. Our live chat agents pride themselves on offering this kind of experience and fostering a sense of belonging with your customers.

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