Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound Call Center Services Focused on Sales & Client Retention

Outbound contact center services don’t just help you to target new customers, they help you to
close more deals and retain more customers over the long-term. This service tends to
pay for itself.

Streamline Marketing Efforts

Our outbound contact center solutions help companies of all sizes convert marketing efforts into new sales and maintain contact with current customers. We create a custom implementation strategy based on your current campaigns with a focus on the selling tactics and retention strategies that have the highest potential for increased return and customer satisfaction.

Before we start prospecting or reaching out, we create the profile of your ideal customers and a set of buyers personas to understand who your customer is. Our outbound call center services experts use the latest customer relationship management tools and marketing automation in conjunction with years of experience to create the most effective solution for your company’s sales growth. We’re also happy to work with your preexisting sales technology infrastructure.

Additional Contact Center Services

  • Convert New Business
  • Retain Customers
  • Gain New Client Insights
  • Create Touchpoint Campaigns

A Millennial Services outbound contact center agent

Increase Sales Efficiency and Client Retention

Millennial Services’ outbound call center services is designed to help your company ramp up its sales and business development efforts, particularly for top-of-funnel sales conversations. Your seasoned sales, business development, and account executives are best utilized when they are handling sales conversations at the right time in the sales cycle. Instead of using your most expensive resources to mine leads and initiate contact, our proven outbound contact center team warms qualified leads for for your sales closers. While each lead generation engagement is customized, Millennial Services has a proven implementation methodology as well as a streamlined training and quality assurance process.

Our outbound contact center agents will work in collaboration with your sales team to create effective funneling techniques to capture promising leads quickly. Because sales cycles vary in length and complexity, our sales development representatives will adhere to the selling process that you’ve built. Our management can also help you restructure your top-of-funnel selling operation to the extent that it boosts early-stage selling activity for your business.

Outbound Contact Center FAQ

If you have questions or comments about our outbound call center services, please read on!

What do your outbound contact center services include?

Our outbound call center services are laser-focused on helping companies improve their funneling techniques and reducing customer churn rates. Lead generation and touchpoint engagements include a consultation period where we will assess your current products or services, selling process, target audience, and marketing capabilities. We then recommend a resource model, determine how to facilitate sales hand-offs, and set calling volume expectations. Once we begin work, we’ll track progress and develop a conversion expectation to help you make scaling decisions.

What if I’m not satisfied?

Millennial Services prides itself on offering a solid lead generation service with a predictable and affordable pricing model. If for some reason we miss the mark, we’re happy to end our services free of penalty to you. Our lead generation services are typically month-to-month, bearing little long-term risk to you. We’ll usually ask for a ramp-up period of several months on the onset of the engagement to allow us enough time to prove the model.

What about email marketing?

Email marketing is an excellent lead prioritization and client retention tool since you can effectively reach out to prospects and clients. While not all of our outbound contact center services are coupled with an email marketing component, we encourage you to consider using email to gain an advantage on your top-of-funnel conversions. Phone conversations that are prefaced or followed by email follow-ups are that much more likely to result in a conversion.

How much does this cost? How is it priced?

Our outbound call center services agents are highly efficient at leveraging marketing and sales automation technology to assist their work. Thus, we’re proud to offer affordable services tailored to your specific needs. Because each industry, company, and individual sales team has its own process, we’re happy to provide you with a custom quote. Simply contact us and we’ll quickly help you figure pricing.

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Streamline Communications with Outbound Contact Center Support

No matter the size, scale or type of company, our outbound contact center services are built to enhance
the customer experience from the ground up.

Gain New Business

Enjoy the new business that comes with effectively managing lead funnels.

Gain Referrals

Leverage customer lists and referral techniques to expand your audience base.

Social Media

Use Social Media to connect to your customers and gain new ones.

Email Marketing

Attract new prospects and retain current customers easily with targeted email marketing campaigns.

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