Planning. Executing.
Monitoring. Improving.

Effective implementation management requires insightful
planning, expert. communication, and continual learning

Courtney Robinson , Project Manager

Implementation Professionals

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The Millennial management team is comprised of implementation experts who guide our agents and work directly with client operations teams during the onboarding process, which is frequently described by our clients as seamless. We custom plan the tasks, time, agents, and other resources necessary to implement every project in alignment with the client’s performance expectations, policies, and procedures. We continue to monitor KPIs and evolve our solutions to optimize results. Our implementation process is not cookie cutter. Each client implementation varies based on the unique needs of the client.

Our Implementation Management Processes

Our implementation management specialists offer comprehensive services that include liaising with clients, conception and initiation, training agents, execution, recording and analyzing data, monitoring performance, and continually honing in on small details that need improving.

Dedicated Account Management

Millennial employs a rigorous combination of quality assurance, agent management, analytics and reporting, and knowledgebase management to give our clients a single point of contact to track KPIs and other important data.

Always-On Quality Assurance

Millennial’s agent workforce is 100% remote. Everyone on staff is working from home, so interaction with each other is vital and often occurs multiple times per day. It’s a culture of caring and friendship – people support each other at Millennial. It’s also a culture of accountability, as every agent must rely on their teammates to ensure client success.

100% USA-based Workforce

We’re proud to offer the level of flexibility we do for our workforce and we support our agents to live the lifestyle and schedule that they desire. Though our workforce is virtual, the team is a very tight-knit group to be a part of, with some of our agents having worked with us for more than 10 years.

call center for small business

Millennial was new to the newspaper industry, so three key managers spent two days in Chicago working with the circulation system and learning terminology, processes and key metrics. The staff that they chose to man the phones was trained well in advance and hit the ground running.

- Chicago Sun-Times

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Millennials’ implementation managers plan and execute
evolving solutions from project conception to close.