Meet The Millennial Team

A Seasoned and Growing Team

Since 2009, we’ve grown our workforce to over 100 US-based agents, who are highly
skilled, trained and ready to provide top-notch customer support on behalf of your

Logan Rush
Logan serves as the president of Millennial Services and founded the company in 2009. He has overseen Millennial’s growth to a staff over 100 strong and is responsible for expanding the service offerings into the diverse verticals you see the company service today. He holds degrees in both finance and accounting from the IU Kelley School of Business.

Logan Rush


Chris Jackson
Chris is responsible for developing and executing the international sales strategy for Millennial. He has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, operations, IT and finance. Chris headed up several home improvement enterprises within Sears Canada, and has also held several senior positions within Loblaw Lts. and Moneris Solutions.

Chris Jackson

Vice President of Sales

Reynold McGuire
Renn oversees the technology at Millennial Services including support and facilitation of our website and technology tools which power our business. Renn has over 20 years experience in technology and holds a Bacherlors and MBA in Information Systems from Suffolk University.

Reynold McGuire

Vice President of Technology

Chasity Roberts
Chasity over sees the day to day operation at Millennial including new client onboarding, employee training, quality assurance, and client satisfaction. She previously was an Operations Manager at Angie’s List and has been with Millennial for 6 years.

Chasity Roberts

VP Operations

Ashley Baumann
Ashley joined the Millennial management team in 2018. Before starting at Millennial, she worked at Angie’s List as a Team Lead for the Data Department. She was with Angie’s List for 5.5 years. Ashley is a life long Indianapolis resident and enjoys spending time with family.

Ashley Baumann

Implementation and Quality Assurance Manager

Amanda Wade
Amanda has worked for Millennial Services on various projects since February of 2012. She has her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University in Tourism, Convention and Event Management. Amanda lives in Indianapolis with her husband, twin daughters, and son.

Amanda Wade

Assistant Manager of Agent Recruitment

Courtney Robinson
I have been with Millennial Services for 6 months. I became a part of the Millennial management team in May of 2018. I have 5 years of previous management experience, and almost 9 years of customer service experience. I’ve lived in Indianapolis my whole life, have two daughters, and enjoy binge watching Netflix in my spare time.

Courtney Robinson

Account Manager

Jennifer Guyton
Jennifer has worked for Millenial Services since February of 2014. She joined the management team in 2018. Her background is in customer service, which she has been doing for over 30 years. 25+ years of that has also been management experience. She also has 2 years of account collections experience. During her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

Jennifer Guyton

Account Manager

Nalani Brown
Nalani has worked for Millennial since 2015. She has two associates degrees and Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts from Wright State University. Prior to Millennial she founded two independent companies. She resides in Centerville Ohio and enjoys spending her time with her five growing sons.

Nalani Brown

Contact Center Implementation Manager

Charlet Robbins
Charlet started with Millennial Services in October of 2016 working several different projects and joined the Management team in June 2018. She has over 20 years of Customer Service experience, including working for Victoria Secret Catalog for 10 years where she started in sales, working her way up through customer service, escalation specialist to collections specialist. She has several years of team management experience in different job fields. She has lived throughout the US and abroad. Enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Charlet Robbins

Account Manager

Lakinya Gulley-Reese
LaKinya has worked at Millennial since 2018. She has over 15 years of Customer Service experience.
Prior to Millennial she was working at an Orthopedic Clinic for 9 years as a Patient Intake Clerk in the Indianapolis area.
She relocated to Michigan City, Indiana after getting married and enjoys spending time with her husband and children along with traveling.

Lakinya Gulley-Reese

Account Manager

Agent Training & Learning Experience

When you engage Millennial Services, you’ll benefit from our refined training and learning
programs designed to quickly and effectively train agents on your company’s customer service
policies and procedures. Our customer support agents will work from and build upon your
existing knowledge base or help you create one from scratch.



On site visit or webinar to train
team lead


Initial Training

Initial training of agents by
Millennial team lead (usually
between 1 and 5 individuals)


Quality Assurance

Careful collaboration and routine
QA with client to adjust procedures
as needed


Knowledge Management

Build a custom-designed training
regiment using our propretary
learning technology powered by



Grow the team based on the
fluctuating needs of your business



Continuously refine knowledge
base to include new procedures,
maintain quality assurance scores,
and ensure optimal staffing levels.

Training and Learning Program

One of our key value propositions is our training and learning program. Millennial Services utilizes Lessonly to ensure our agents know your knowledge base as well as you. Lessonly allows us to create training tutorials using adaptive quizzing, video help tutorials, and a grade book system to help Millennial management quickly and effectively scale your support team. This is especially helpful when we need to ramp up additional agents quickly as a result of unexpected transnational volume increases.

We’re also pleased to offer the power of our Tracking & QA management system – the Millennial Bulletin. This system allows us to seamlessly manage the number of tickets processed, hours tracked, QA performance reporting, project visibility for our clients, policy and procedural change management, and staffing schedules.

Retention Chat Training Lesson 5

Client Testimonial

“I can’t say enough about my experience with the team at Millennial. Their service levels are the best in the industry and the quality of the support they give our customers is incredible. These guys are outstanding.”

Andrea KatesFounder of Business Genome

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