Millennial Services is pleased to announce its partnership for inbound customer care with Music Getaways. Millennial has partnered with Music Getaways to service customers of the various music festivals they host, including Los Cabos Jazz Festival, Cancun Jazz Festival, and Solfest Cancun.

Millennial is servicing customer calls for 8 hours a day and 6 days a week, handling various service requests about bookings, billing, room upgrades, and festival questions. Primarily the service to date has been focused on the Los Cabos Jazz Festival, which is currently in process in Los Cabos, Mexico. Our team interfaces directly with the Music Getaways CRM to service calls and tickets.

Millennial worked extensively to train on the entire Music Getaways platform to learn about the various festivals on the schedule, as well as the various packages available to the attendees. Millennial has been a key tool in not only booking attendees, but upselling booked parties on more inclusive and robust packages available at the festivals. Millennial works directly with the Music Getaways team to give continuous customer feedback and improve the experience for attendees. In fact, our representatives are even attending the festival themselves to assist customers on-site. The feedback from attendees has been extremely positive for the Millennial support team.

Millennial Services is a comprehensive call center service provider. The company offers inbound and outbound contact center services. Our virtual model means low overhead and the highest quality customer service solution on the open market. In addition, Millennial Services is a fully managed system. We maintain our own infrastructure, recruit and train customer service representatives, and manage them through rigorous quality assurance standards.

If you are interested in learning more, please submit a web form or call us at 773-770-4818.