“@Logan is the best call centre I’ve ever worked with. USA based.” – Stan Pavlosky, Retreaver, Feb 19, 2019

Performance-based marketing has become one of the hottest industries in recent years. There is more data accessible now than ever before in all kinds of verticals, including but not limited to, debt consolidation, health insurance, Medicare supplement, auto insurance, rehabilitation, and more. The key for performance-based marketers is getting top dollar for the leads they are generating, and that’s where the right call center makes all the difference.

Many clients we run into are accustomed to a pay-per-minute model, sometimes at prices of 75 cents or more per minute. This is an exorbitant premium for typically low-quality services. An effective performance-based campaign is more than talk time and transfers. Here are just a few of the often-underestimated functions that go into running a smooth warm transfer campaign:

  • Number of leads over what time period
  • Time of day when the most leads come in
  • Number of agents and optimal outbound dialing ratio
  • Abandonment rate
  • Rate of No Answers or Answering Machines
  • Number and frequency of retries to leads who don’t answer
  • Secondary markets for the leads if not transferred in a certain amount of time
  • How to minimize the time it takes to call a lead

All of these functions make for a complex formula that must be constantly monitored and adjusted by a knowledgeable team. For example, you could have two agents dialing out nine lines for each available agent and calling leads within seconds. At this rate, you can potentially get through thousands of calls per day in real time, and this could be the optimization point for a high-converting campaign. But what if at this high pace, you’re burning your data too fast or running a high abandonment rate. Or what if your dialing pulls itself back due to FCC abandonment rate laws (assuming your call center is paying attention to these rules)? You are getting through your lead flow but not in an optimized fashion. What if your lead flow doubles from Tuesday to Wednesday? In these fluid situations, you need a partner who knows the appropriate steps to re-optimize the campaign by looking at all the aforementioned factors.

Millennial Services has taken a dedicated approach to these performance campaigns that are traditionally used for inbound and service-related calls and applied it to the performance space. The results have been astounding and yielded unbelievable results for our clients in performance marketing. In most situations, the result is even higher margins for the client. Our team has the appropriate resources in place, above and beyond just the call center agents themselves, to ensure the highest conversion rates possible for your warm transfer or performance-based campaign.

Millennial Services covers the entire call center process, from recruitment, training, knowledgebase management, infrastructure, and quality assurance. Give us a call today at 773-770-4818 or submit a form online at www.millennialservices.com to see how our team can take your performance-based marketing campaign to the next level.