Quality Assurance

Rigorous Quality Assurance Testing

By personalizing our testing procedures to meet the highest quality specs of your
company, our trained quality assurance testers will gain a nuanced understanding of
your company’s product offerings and ensure that the highest standards of product
integrity are being met well before your customer comes into the picture.

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Quality Assurance Methodology

  • Review existing QA practices for strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate areas for further improvement
  • Develop QA strategy, approach to be followed, and acceptance levels
  • Evaluate various automation tools available for QA process streamlining
  • Generate test plans and cases based on product requirements and functional specifications
  • Perform automated and manual testing
  • Record test Results against test cases
  • Classify, prioritize, and resolve defects based on severity level
  • Deploy ongoing management techniques

Set & Achieve QA Standards

Our quality assurance services are an integral piece of our comprehensive support solutions.
Whether you’ve got a website, app, eCommerce store, or if your routine processes require quality
control protocols, Millennial Services offers thorough testing services to help you set standards of
quality for your business. Enjoy repeat customers, not cancellations

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QA Automation Using Selenium 2.0

Ensuring the quality of your product or service ensures the long-term viability of your business and can’t be overlooked. Manual quality assurance is a key component, but we also specialize in offering a robust automated quality assurance solution.

Selenium is a suite of testing automation tools used for web-based applications, including Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. These tools provide a rich set of testing functions geared to the various testing scenarios of all types of web applications. Selenium capabilities are highly flexible and afford many options for comparing UI elements to expected application behavior.

Selenium tests can be executed on multiple browser platforms and can assist with the deployment of defect-free code. It’s open-source, web-based, and cross-browser compliant with support for multiple backend programming languages, including Java, Ruby, Python, C#, PHP, etc.

The automation benefits of Selenium automation with Millennial Services include time saving, zero infrastructure costs passed on to clients, an increase in productivity and testing efficiency, and the reusability of the testing routine for other projects.

More QA Testing Benefits

Whether automated or manual, quality assurance should result in time saving for your entire product and technical development teams, while also saving costs. We love to use automated approaches to QA testing, and in one case, we were able to automate 450 test cases for a client that was previously doing all manual QA.

In addition, the reusability of Millennial Services Selenium automation software offers incredible opportunities for teams to more efficiently leverage quality assurance spending. The software is dynamic, allowing you to grow your quality assurance directory of known defects and how to test for them.

Finally, automated quality assurance testing offers a level of consistency for pennies on the dollar compared to manual testing programs. Because automation drastically reduces the margin of error in each testing scenario, you save time and resources.

  • Competitive Costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Decrease returns and refunds
  • Meet top quality control standards

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