Outsource Appointment
Setting to Millennial

Let our pre-trained, US-based appointment setters
sign up more qualified leads and shorten your sales cycle.

Mandie Wade , Director of Agent Recruitment

US-based Appointment Setters

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Millennial Services’ appointment setters will work with dialing lists our clients provide so they can learn your target markets, analyze relevant data, ensure qualified prospects, and speed up your sales cycle, all while maintaining the culture and key messages of your brand. We help you maximize the value of your sales force by scheduling a constant pipeline of quality leads. All you need to give us is your target list.

Highly Trained Representatives Highly Trained Representatives

Highly Trained Representatives

Our appointment setting agents are trained and experienced in generating a consistent stream of well-qualified prospects from lists our clients provide. This cost-effective service can pay for itself and enhance your operational efficiency. You will see a strong, clear increase in ROI when you work with Millennial Services.

Knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors Knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors

Knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors

Millennial agents are pre-trained to understand the nuances of your company before they are assigned to represent it. All of our agents receive in-depth immersion into each client’s brand culture in order to ensure maximum empathy and understanding. We work closely with you from the onset to seamlessly represent your company’s core values, attitudes, and goals.

Cost-Effective and Scalable Support Cost-Effective and Scalable Support

Cost-Effective and Scalable Support

Millennial Services will work with you to accommodate your budget constraints and goals. Using client-provided lists, you can choose to begin with a small campaign to gauge the results before expanding your outreach. We scale our services up or down to suit your unique needs. Our cost-effective pricing is 100% transparent and affordable.

Clear-Speaking Agents Clear-Speaking Agents

Clear-Speaking Agents

All of our agents are based in the US and speak English as their first language. They provide your customers with clear, concise speech in a professional, friendly tone. They understand that every prospective customer is different and has individual needs. They know how to appease each in a personal and efficient manner that reflects your brand excellently.

call center for small business

Millennial was new to the newspaper industry, so three key managers spent two days in Chicago working with the circulation system and learning terminology, processes and key metrics. The staff that they chose to man the phones was trained well in advance and hit the ground running.

- Chicago Sun-Times

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Professional and friendly appointment setting specialists leverage client lead
lists to free up your sales team’s schedule and speed up the sales cycle.