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Customer Service Outsourcing with No Commitment

Inbound Contact Center packages have no long-term commitments and can help to create a
lifetime of return from dedicated customers.

Complete Inbound Contact Center Solution

Don’t just address customer queries. Create brand loyalty and reward your customers with tailored, intuitive support. We offer a wide-range of call center services, outsourcing solutions, and business process outsourcing services, but our full Contact Center Solution offers omnichannel customer support capabilities so you’re always available for your customers, no matter where they are.

Depending on the size and goals of your customer service operation, we’ll prepare an inbound contact center assessment to help you gauge where your customer service resources are best allocated. From there, we’ll quickly develop a detailed training and learning program so you can scale your customer service agents as your transactional volume fluctuates.

  • Email & Form Support
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • 24/7 Customer Service Phone Support
  • Back-Office Processing + More

a Millennial Services agent providing inbound call center solutions

Inbound Call Center Solutions

When your customer calls, they want to know that you’re listening.

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Millennial support agents are trained to staff your inbound support line or engage in outbound dialing campaigns for your company. In addition to piece-rate pricing, we utilize cutting edge technology to manage even the most demanding enterprise level call center services and BPO call center needs.

We offer a highly scalable solution and our agents are 100% Native English speakers. IVR implementation is also available. We partner with Axia Technology Partners to provide a world-class IVR implementation experience.

A Millennial Services support agent offering outbound call center services

Outbound Call Center Services

Keep in touch with customers and follow up with prospects efficiently.

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In addition to Millennial’s inbound contact center solutions, our outbound call center services help businesses coordinate marketing efforts, manage lead flow, and stay in touch with current customers. We create an implementation plan tailored to your current campaigns and focus on a contact strategy that’s based on your overall goals and objectives.

Before our agents start engaging with prospects and current customers, it’s absolutely imperative that we understand how our resources will fit into your touch-point campaigns. This is why our approach of getting to know a client’s business from the inside out is so crucial to the success of our call center services and other outbound support programs.

A Millennial Services agent offering email and form support

Email & Form Support

Enjoy rapid response times, without the burden of a top-heavy staff that creates a drain on your budget.

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You can rest assured that the agents assigned to provide email and form support to your company, are strictly based in the United States and are native English speakers. We require our customer service outsourcing agents to not only be proficient with their written ability, but to be exceptional. Plus, the Millennial Services staff can manage your inbound email support channel with a round-the-clock response team.

Operating 24/7, we only incur charges for the work we actually do (piece-rate, or pay per email model). Our inbound contact center support teams don’t work at a centralized office location, allowing us to pass on substantial savings to our clients. With industry leading service level agreement (SLAs) and ticket tracking, the Millennial email support is a key component of our comprehensive contact center solution and business process outsourcing.

A Millennial Services live chat support specialist

Live Chat Support

When customers want access to instant help, live chat is often the best answer.

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By dedicating our inbound contact center agents to live chat, you allow a huge window of availability for your company to respond to the needs of your customers. Millennial Services can staff your inbound live chat channels with a team who is knowledgeable and trained in your product.

In addition to a 24/7 operational capability, Millennial Services utilizes client-provided chat tracking and management platforms to help ensure quality assurance and efficient handling of inbound chats. We utilize our own internal chat scheduling and management platform to keep clients abreast of their live chat staffing levels, further enhancing the transparency of our staffing solution.

A Millennial Services agent providing text message support

Text Message Support

97% use text message at least once per day; try engaging your customers where they communicate the most.

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Reduce operational cost and enhance customer satisfaction by using our text message support service. Our out-of-the-box solution requires no programming, no hassles, and no need for a BPO call center. Millennial Services features a full suite of text message support services, including click-to-call, customer record and history lookup, measurement features, and auto response capabilities.

With click-to-call, we allow users to call a phone number they are given, leading them straight to the desk of a CSR. Our customer record and history lookup allows agents to view customer text message conversations as a chat thread on their desktop. Management can monitor every message by rep or customer, giving them the ability to measure response times and quality adherence. Finally, Millennial Service’s auto response functionality can let customers know if they’ve reached out after business hours.

Customizable Services

Whether you need an approach to call center services, an automation strategy or virtual
assistants to help your company run as efficiently as possible, we’ll learn your company from the
ground up and find a scalable model that requires little cost.

Provide support 24/7 or during dedicated hours.

Increase customer retention and personalize interactions with your brand in the process.

Maximize your conversions by assigning callbacks when a customer submits information to your website.

Additional help provided for high-volume promotions, sales or holidays.

The Millennial Advantage

Our staff of US-based inbound contact center support agents are native English speakers. We have an offshore team that we can use for volume spikes, routine “canned” responses, or to bolster overnight support as the need may arise, but we default to American agents for our call center services.
Millennial Services agents become educated in the product they are representing and proficient in crafting a personalized response to customer inquiries. We do this through the use of our sophisticated training platform and a common template library which helps agents quickly address frequent inquiries, allowing agents more time to personalize responses.
We work on a piece rate (i.e. per email response), so we have the ability to scale up and down to meet spikes in demand or slow periods that might be typical for your business. This also allows for more accurate cost forecasting.
We utilize college-educated stay-at-home call center services agents to keep costs low. As a result, our margins are razor thin so you get an extremely economical rate.
Weekend Operations: Millennial can provide agents on your account 7 days a week. We can handle operations during the week, weekends, and most holidays to help avoid a buildup of processes. We will do what it takes to keep your customer service operation flowing smoothly despite demand fluctuations.
The Millennial Advantage


“Millennial Services is great! From the top-down they understood the importance of delivering support with our voice in mind. They can adapt to the dynamic nature of a growing company and bring a ton of call-center experience and knowledge to the table.”

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On-demand support when you need it most

A team of quality assurance experts

Quality Assurance

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Outbound Call Center Services

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Inbound Contact Center Services

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Back-Office Processing

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