We’re proud to partner with over 500 US-Based Agents who have come to love the convenient contracting that Millennial Services brings. Our agents enjoy a completely virtual environment. It’s extremely rare for our agents to be physically present somewhere other than their home office. Though everything is virtual, the team is a very tight-knit group to be a part of, with some of our agents having contracted with us for almost 10 years.

We’re proud to offer the level of flexibility we do for our contractors as well as encourage our agents to live the lifestyle and schedule that they desire while being apart of a team delivery exceptional service.

FAQs Concerning Partnering

How do I get on the candidate list?

To join the candidate list you can complete the candidate application form. From there you will receive an email with a link to some assessments. These will test your customer service skills, your reliability, and your basic computer knowledge. Please make sure you complete these assessments without help from friends or family. The tests are timed, and the questions can time out, so we encourage you to complete these in a quiet area where you can focus on the questions. (If your computer skills are evaluated during the project orientation process and it is determined that they are subpar or incompatible with the project your contract will be deactivated.) If your assessment scores are passing in all categories, you will be asked to complete a form. On this form you will be asked to upload pictures of your personal computer specifications (including your RAM and processor information) and the results of an internet speed test on the device you intend to partner from. This is where we determine if your system will meet the needs of our clients. We accept Windows but are unable to partner with Chromebooks or MAC devices. We do not provide equipment. We are looking for at least 8 GB of RAM and speeds of at least 25 Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. Please make sure both screenshots are taken from the actual booted up PC you plan to use to partner with us.

Any candidate passing the requirements will be added to our candidate list and sent a list of current openings when they become available.

What equipment is required?

To partner with Millennial, you will need to provide your own equipment:

  • Computer: We accept machines running windows 10 or newer. We are looking for at least 8 GB of RAM. It will need to have the Chrome Browser and Skype for desktop installed prior to project introduction. Any project specific installations are completed during project orientations.
  • Internet Connection: We are looking for at least 25 Mbps download speeds and 10Mbps upload speeds.
  • Headset: You must have a headset that is hardwired through the USB port of your computer. We do not allow mics that connect through the A/V or Aux port, nor blue tooth USB headsets. We highly recommend Logitech H390.

Are the schedules flexible?

One of the benefits of partnering with Millennial is that all contractors sign up for a set schedule, so you do not need to compete with fellow agents for contracted hours (or partner with multiple projects). This enables you to schedule things around your schedule well in advance. Our contracting policies state that you are responsible for finding your own coverage if you need to miss contracted hours, and we provide the tools for you to do so. You have the freedom to request days off as needed and the advantage of being able to cover for others to obtain extra hours if you wish, while allowing the organization as a whole to deliver exceptional service.

Are there any other agent requirements?

Dependability is what we look for most. Agents must be at least 18 years old and have completed high school or the high school equivalent. We look for teammates who are going to show up when they say and communicate with us when they cannot. All agents must have a quiet background for phone-based duties – no noise at all. (This means any pets or children should be in a separate space to avoid any background noise). Agents will have a VERY professional phone presence including proper grammar when speaking and excellent written communication skills. Agents must pay attention to detail and can adapt to changes quickly.

How does the team communicate?

The team at Millennial uses Skype or Slack and email to communicate. We have a chat group specific to each project where contracted agents can ask questions. These groups are monitored by team leads and managers. All agents are also directly connected to their Project Manager, the Quality Assurance Manager, our Head of Human Resources, and our Vice President of Operations via skype during Project Orientation.

What is the training process?

For most projects, the first step in the introduction process is online project introductions. Agents will watch short video tutorials and complete the assessments at their own pace within the due date. These introductions vary in length depending on the difficulty/depth of project. Completion expectations can also vary, but agents are given at least 24 hours to complete them. These video introductions are provided at no cost to the agent. After these are complete the agent will complete the Project Orientation. It is there where we will go through the policies at Millennial, connect contracting agents with the management team, access their gateway to receive payments, review submitted timesheets, and install any necessary software. After Project Orientation agents will be linked with managers for mock calls or shadowing. Agents are paid for that time. Once completed we will ensure additional video hours are added to your payables. These hours are paid at a flat rate. Agents are paid for the time to watch the videos and complete the assessments one time.

When can I start Partnering?

Different clients can onboard at different speeds based on the complexity of the tools required for the project or the availability of logins and management used for project introductions. Our goal is to get all agents partnering within 1 to 2 weeks of completing their contract.