As a business owner, one of the most important data points to focus on is your customer retention rate. While it’s essential to constantly seek out new customers, it’s critical that you have a solid, loyal customer base. The longer you can retain customers, the better. It is very challenging, if not impossible, for a business to grow if they have poor customer retention rates. Companies that focus on keeping their customers happy by providing top-notch customer services are the same companies that have high customer retention rates. Customers who receive high-quality customer service are much more likely to continue shopping with you or using your services. At Millennial Services, we help companies in a wide range of industries to help retain customers and clients through thorough, friendly, and professional customer support. By outsourcing things like your outbound call center, you can significantly improve your interactions with customers and increase your customer retention rate.

A high customer retention rate is essential for many reasons. According to Semrush, existing customers are 31% more likely to spend more on their average order. Also, the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60-70%, while the chance of selling to a new customer is only between 5-20%. Based on these stats, maintaining a loyal base of repeat customers is critical to the success of your business!

Inbound Call Support

Think about what happens now when a customer or client gives you a call. Does a human or a robot answer the phone? Does the customer have to wait, or is their call taken immediately? Short or no wait time and getting to talk to a human representative are two things that instantly boost your customer service offerings. Even if a customer is calling to complain, you have a much better chance of retaining them if you take their call in a timely and professional manner. If you don’t have the time or staff to work full-time answering calls, consider outsourcing your call center.

Outbound Call Center Services

You probably have a phone number that people can call if they need help, but have you thought about outbound calling? An outbound call center is a way for you to reach out to your customers. What better way to retain customers than for you to give them a call? Calling customers is a great way to let them know about new products or sales. It is also an excellent way to follow up or check back in with them after they have made a purchase or had an issue. Most companies don’t take the time to personally call their customers, so this practice will make you stand out and could positively impact your customer retention rate.

Live Chat Services

Customers are always looking for quick and easy ways to contact companies. What could be quicker than a live chat? There are many different live chat plugins and options that can be placed on your website. By outsourcing your live chat agents, you don’t have to worry about running the chat all day long. In fact, Millennial Services can provide 24/7 chat support. Customers will be able to chat with a live agent any time, day, night, or holiday. This level of access will surely help your customer retention rates.

Text Message Marketing

Did you know that 95% of text messages are read within 5 minutes of receiving? Texting your customers is one of the best ways to stay in touch and retain your customer base. Texts should be short, simple, and to the point. They can let customers know about a new product or an upcoming sale. They can also contain discount codes so that customers can easily shop on your website. An important factor to keep in mind is that customers must provide you with permission before you text them, and they must have a way to opt-in and out of receiving messages.

Interact with Customers on Social Media

Today, many customers are turning to social media to interact with their favorite companies and brands. Often, these customers will reach out through comments and direct messages when they need help or assistance. Responding promptly is one easy way to keep your customers happy and increase retention rates. Following best social media practices in general, such as posting every day and reposting pictures customers tag you in, will help keep your brand active and relevant, thus increasing customer retention.

Follow-Up Through Your Outbound Call Center

Customers expect timely, professional help when they have a problem, but most don’t expect any additional follow-up. Surprise your customers in a good way by following up! For example, if a customer contacts you with an issue about a product they bought, fix the problem then. After that, a week or two later, give them a call or send them an email checking in to make sure that their issue has been fully resolved. A little bit of extra effort will go a long way. A simple follow-up can improve the reputation of your business while also promoting customer retention.

Outsourced Outbound Call Center Help

Superb customer service isn’t always quick and easy. It takes a lot of time and hard work. Not every company has the time, staff, or money to dedicate to all of the above strategies. Outsourcing support is a great way to improve customer relations, increase customer retention, and gain new customers. At Millennial Services, we take over tasks like answering customer calls, responding to emails, sending texts, and interacting over social media to ensure your customers receive help in a timely/professional manner. Our agents are highly skilled and have a lot of experience, meaning when your customers call, they will have no idea that the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t work for your company!

Customer retention rate is one of the most important metrics a business can look at. While gaining new customers is critical, companies also need to rely on their loyal customer base for recurring business. Providing the best customer service possible is the most important strategy when trying to increase customer retention rates. Improve service and support through an outbound call center, email support, social media interactions, and more! Remember, you don’t have to do it all on your own! Contact Millennial Services today to learn more about how we can support you in your customer interaction processes.