When it comes to customer service in the digital age, customers have grown to expect seamless communication through a variety of mediums. This is where omnichannel support comes into play. Omnichannel support is a way for businesses to interact with their customer through a variety of different channels. At Millennial Services, we provide everything from call center services to social media support for you so that you don’t have to worry about managing your own omnichannel support. We take the stress and time commitment off of you and take on the responsibility of providing high-quality service to your customers. Read on to learn more about omnichannel support and how it can benefit your business.

Multiple Channels to Reach Customers – Call Center Services to Social Media!

The first benefit of omnichannel support is that it gives your customers multiple ways to interact with your business. Whether they want to use social media, texting, or a phone call, omnichannel support does it all! Customers will be happy to know that they can interact with you on the platform they like best. It will make their experience seem easy and seamless. Thanks to this increased level of service, your customers will keep coming back again and again.

One Client Experience

Another benefit of omnichannel support services is that it provides your customers with a “one client experience.” This means that no matter how they reach out, the experience will be the same. This is due to one integrated customer support team. Instead of reaching different disjointed departments based on the platform of communication used, the customer will always reach the same dedicated team. No matter who they talk to, they will have the same high-quality experience each time.

Types of Omnichannel Support

In today’s digital world, people are in constant communication with each other. There are so many platforms that people use to communicate! It is crucial that your business keeps up with all these platforms so that they can interact with their customers in the best way possible. Here are some of the channels Millennial Services offers to support customers:

Call Center Services – Inbound Calls

Customers call when they are seeking support. Whether they are having an issue with a product or have questions about a service, they expect to gain the information they need. At Millennial Services, we are available 24/7/365 to support your customers. We are completely US-based and even have extra inbound support for high-volume times, such as around the holidays. Rest assured that any customer who calls in will receive high-quality service and get all of their questions answered.

Call Center Services – Outbound Calls

Call center services are an essential part of the omnichannel. Our outbound call center is how we reach out to your customers to ensure customer retention and to acquire new customers. Outbound calling is an easy way to mitigate probable issues. For example, calling all customers a few days after they purchase software is a great way to answer any questions and keep them from getting frustrated over any issues they are experiencing. We also provide a customized lead generation engagement program to reach out to new customers to make them aware of your brand.

Email Support

Many customers today avoid phone calls and go straight to sending an email when they have a question or complaint. A delayed response can lead to frustration, and it is also a poor representation of your brand. That is why at Millennial Services, we have a team working 24/7 to respond to emails and provide the best support possible.

Chat Support

Live chat is a great way for customers to interact with your brand while they are on your website. Many customers have questions and are looking for immediate answers. The live chat is a way for them to quickly get their questions answered. Live chat is a great way to increase the conversion rate of customers visiting your website.

Text Message Support

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Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate? This is much higher than email! Texting is often the preferred method of communication. It is quick, easy, and can be done from anywhere. Texting is a great way to get a message out to customers. Things such as sales, new product releases, or events are perfect to advertise via text message. These messages can be sent out to your whole customer list or targeted to a specific group of people.

Social Media Support

In order to stay competitive in today’s market, every company must have social media accounts. At Millennial Services, we can manage customer interactions via social media. This could include things like answering a customer’s question via Facebook chat, or sending a product link to a requesting customer over Instagram’s direct messages. Our agents are available 24/7 to help your customers who wish to interact on social media.

Tracking Metrics

The most important piece of all of this is understanding if omnichannel support actually moves the needle. Is your company gaining profits from this? Are more customers being retained? Is there an increase in conversions of customers visiting your website? We collect data on every interaction we have. Then we work with your business to analyze the data and track your return on investment. Omnichannel support is a must in this day and age, and you will have the metrics to prove it.

Omnichannel support is a way for customers to have seamless interactions with your business on a variety of communication platforms. From call center services to social media support, we do it all at Millennial Services. We interact with your customers on a 24/7 basis to provide them the support they need. Our goal is to give them an excellent experience so that they keep coming back to your business again and again. As you get started with omnichannel support, you will be shocked at the metrics and return on investment you see from this service. For more information about the services we provide, contact Millennial Services today.