With the rise of mobile device usage, text message marketing also continues to increase in popularity. This channel has many benefits for your brand, including promotional messaging and customer support. However, there are many rules and best practices to keep in mind when launching text message – also known as SMS – marketing. If you are researching text messaging for your brand, here’s all you need to know.

First Off, Subscribers Need to Opt-in to Text Messages

The most important thing to remember with text message marketing is to obtain permission from your subscriber to send them messages. As of 2013, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CAN-SPAM Act require this step. If you do not obtain permission to send marketing messages via text, customers can file complaints, and you could be fined.

When you send the opt-in text, you must include: 

  • Your brand’s name
  • The types of messages the customer will receive 
  • Messaging frequency
  • Confirmation of no purchase necessary to receive texts
  • Notification of standard messaging rates
  • Instructions on how to opt-out in the future (i.e. ‘To stop receiving messages from us STOP to 99999’) 

Things to Know About Text Message Marketing

As a brand, you can only send messages for which your customer has provided an opt-in. As a result, be sure to state what texts the customer should expect. For example, if you intend to send shipping updates, state ‘By opting in to texts from us, you sign up to receive marketing messages, promotions, and shipping updates.’ This message is an upfront way to communicate with your customer and state your intentions right away.

Leveraging an SMS service provides an extra layer of security for your brand. Text message marketing software companies know and enforce the legalities of this channel. They ensure protection of your customers and brand by providing guidance and expertise into new and changing legalese. 

As a business owner, also consider hiring a text message support service to manage text message marketing. Outsourcing text message support is an economical and efficient solution. Agents respond quickly to customer replies, and training on your brand means they provide the best customer service possible. Companies with a text support function also understand the rules and laws of text marketing. This knowledge offers additional coverage and ensures you are within legal restrictions.

Leverage Text Message Marketing Best Practices

The growth in SMS marketing indicates how many brands find this channel successful. Many industry reports highlight a 98% open text rate, and almost 50% of customers who click through a link in a text make a purchase. Text marketing typically has higher conversion due to the qualified nature of SMS leads. This marketing channel is an effective and scalable way to reach your customers.

When launching this text marketing, there are a few great strategies to try right from the start. Depending on your SMS marketing platform, your plan for this channel may change. However, start with a few text campaigns to learn how texts perform for your brand.

Segment your customers based on preferences

Consider providing your customers with self-select options to create a customer profile. Once they choose their information (industry, location, etc.), you can create audience lists to send them relevant messages. Customers can decide if they only want to receive promotions or if you can reach out with additional content. This method maintains a strong engagement rate for text message marketing.

Send promo codes directly to your customer’s phones

Nowadays, email inboxes are overwhelmed with deals, leaving your customer in the dark about what you offer. With a 95% open rate, texting your customer is a great way to inform them about new discounts or promotions. 

Increase blog traffic by sharing articles

Posted a new blog and want to spread the word? Send relevant content directly to your customer with a text. This technique lets you know if your customer finds that helpful content and helps drive page views.

Leverage text for better customer support

If you send appointment reminders via text, you likely need to provide customer support as well. Don’t let your reminders get caught in the junk folder! With text support, your team responds quickly to any rescheduling need or question a customer may have.

Notify your customers of shipping updates

Text messaging is an efficient way to notify customers about shipping updates for eCommerce businesses. When your customer signs up for shipping texts, they receive notification of shipment, when their package is out for delivery, and when it arrives on their doorstep. Your customer is no longer in the dark on package delivery time with texts!

Gather feedback and customer reviews

Send your customer a text once they receive their order or service and ask for a review. You gather feedback to share with your team faster than via email by sending a quick text. Feedback allows you to grow your business faster and ensures you provide the services your customers prefer.

Answer Your Customer’s Questions Quickly

Personalized text marketing helps convert warm leads and increase sales for your business. Before your customer asks a question, you can answer based on website interactions and preferences. You can also highlight your shipping cutoff dates. In addition, remind them about the end of a sale, and work with your customer support team to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). If they reply with a question, leverage your customer service team and provide a rapid response via text. Text messaging is an effective and scalable marketing channel for your business.

Scale Your Business with Text Message Marketing

At Millennial Services, we have customer support agents trained in text message support. Our agents will learn your brand to provide personalized experiences for every customer. As a result, you can send unobtrusive follow-up messages and remind your customer about their appointment. In addition, you can also share new promotions quickly. Now is the time to take advantage of this fast-growing marketing channel. Don’t leave money on the table by missing out on promoting your business with texting. Contact Millennial Services today to discuss your text messaging support needs!